Photos: Baoer 801 Fountain Pen

I bought a pen at the BWI Fountain Pen show last Saturday. My searches on Google, Amazon, and Ebay have failed to locate the exact make and model. UPDATE: I’ve discovered that it is most likely a Baoer 801-

It’s silver, thin and looks similar to the Jinhao 126, with differences. It has a hooded nob and the finial is longer than the pictures I’ve seen. Additionally, the clip design is a little different and it used a plunger converter, instead of the twist style that I’ve seen on my other JinHao pens. It has four rings around the section.

I played around with my Canon 40 DSLR, 24 mm EF-S lens, and two Yongnuo YN600EX-RT Speedlites to try to photograph it.

After getting started, I remembered that photographing shiny objects is really, really hard. I’m not especially pleased with the results, but I thought I’d share anyway.
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Photos: Mount Vernon, Virginia (Oct 2016)

I had the opportunity to visit President George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, Virginia in October, 2016. I developed a deeper understanding of the man, rather than the one-dimensional saintly impression that schools often teach.

We also visited Historic Occoquan, which I highly recommend to others looking for something interesting and historic to do.
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Photos: Arlington National Cemetery

I had the sobering and humbling privilege to visit Arlington National Cemetery today. It is incredible to see row upon row of headstones ranging from heads of state and top generals to the lowest private’s child all buried on the same grounds. I hope these photos give you a taste of what lies there and inspires you to visit for yourself.
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