Photos: Mount Vernon, Virginia (Oct 2016)

I tried to capture this Mount Vernon picturesque scene in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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I had the opportunity to visit President George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, Virginia in October, 2016. I developed a deeper understanding of the man, rather than the one-dimensional saintly impression that schools often teach. We also visited Historic Occoquan, which I highly recommend to others looking for something interesting and … Continue reading

Video: Cyberstalking

Download: Cyberstalking Video (620 MB)

I created this educational video for my UMUC Domestic Violence class to try to educate the public about cyberstalking or technology-facilitated harassment and abuse.

This project has resulted in one very stressful week, as every step of the process became more complicated than I anticipated. This is also the second video for which I’ve done a voice-over.

Update: Sorry for the high bandwidth upload and for the audio issues. I uploaded a lower quality version to make it easier to play in the browser. Previewing it, however, I noticed that the volume bumped to max when the narration started. Sorry; the extra mental stress on the viewer was NOT intended. One keyframe moved during my rushed final editing and ruined the whole thing. This is just another example of how much resistance I’ve experienced with this project. Even very simple things have been so complicated and elongated. I’m now rendering the low-bandwidth and then the high-bandwidth (download) versions again (2.75 hrs of rendering each, probably due to the motion background, even assisted by a Quadro GPU). Hopefully, it will be less irritating now.

Photos: Arlington National Cemetery


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I had the sobering and humbling privilege to visit Arlington National Cemetery today. It is incredible to see row upon row of headstones ranging from heads of state and top generals to the lowest private’s child all buried on the same grounds. I hope these photos give you a taste … Continue reading

How I Shave and How You Can Save Money

Straight razor, brush, and associated soaps.

A few years ago, I decided that I was tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for shave cartridges from Gillette. I had recently switched over to the Gillette Fusion cartridge, and while I loved the reverse blade for sideburn trimming, I was really tired of feeling the hairs being … Continue reading

Photos: Fort Walton Beach

Just some photos I took with my cell phone from around the Fort Walton Beach/Destin, Florida area.