I bought the Blue Yeti Microphone

I was in Best Buy on Friday and decided to finally buy a proper desktop microphone. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do voiceover work for a while, mostly just to have the skill for when I need a voice for a video project and there’s no one else available.

I’ve also want to read full chapters of the Bible to upload here for folks to listen to.

Best Buy price matched it, so I was able to score it for $99, which I think is a pretty good deal.

It’s a USB condenser mic, and has four selectable pickup patterns. I played with it briefly, but due to excess noise from neighbors, I was not able to produce any files worth uploading. I need to find somewhere quiet to work.

I still plan to buy a flash-based portable recorder, such as the Zoom H6 for future video projects.


My fancy edit bay.


My Fancy Vocal Booth

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