Video Project: Run for Recovery Promo (2010)

A friend is a professional counselor and invited me to shoot a video promo for an upcoming run to raise awareness for addictions recovery.

The primary camera’s footage was unusable due to a significant color-balance issue, so I had to edit the video using the secondary cameras. Additionally, the video suffered from a lack of writing and pre-shoot planning. I should have insisted on a script and should have gotten additional moving shots and B-roll footage should have been inserted. I was severely limited in time and equipment. I also wanted to release this long before the event, and wasn’t able to release it early enough for it to be useful.
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Video Project: Adult Life Training, Inc. Computer Training Video Pilot (2009)

My father runs a non-profit organization which teaches adults (typically senior citizens) basic computer skills.

We talked about using video to augment the in-class teaching, and this video is part of that project. I hope you all will enjoy this dated but somewhat interesting video.